About Us

About Us

Alfarreriúm is a UK based fashion, lifestyle and culture brand established in 2017.

Alfarreriúm means a ‘leading store’ playing on the words alpha (meaning a leader) and emporium which is a quality store. The word ‘leader’ is what forms our workforce. We simply aspire to lead by example in whatever we choose to do; frontend and backend of the business so we can satisfy our customers. “Lead by example and others will follow” is the message we want to portray to our staffs, and customers so that we can create a culture where everyone is able to express themselves.

Alfarreriúm was created by Seyi Olukayode who believed that “Clothing is a form of ‘Self-Expression’, there are hints about who you are in what you wear”. We are just here to let them ‘hints in your fashion style’ be expressed in a way that you can feel proud about what you are wearing, and also leading with example knowing your style is your style.

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